Fast and easy photo storage for Twitter


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Do you want to share a photo speedily with your Twitter contacts without having to struggle at a snail's pace with links, having to switch pages every other minute?

Twitpic is a photo hosting service targeted at Twitter users, since it is totally integrated with the microblogging network.

TwitPic has proved that it is one of the most trustworthy and consistent tools available, proof of which is the large number of applications for Twitter, both desktop ones and those ‘in the ether’, that use TwitPic as their main uploader of pictures.

To start on TwitPic, all you need is your Twitter account, which at the same time identifies you on the web, letting you also write messages and tweet the pictures you have uploaded directly without exitting from the page.

This service lets you access and display all the pictures that you have uploaded with your Twitter account all on the same webpage.

The upload process is simple: upload the picture and add accompanying text in the corresponding ‘tweet’. Equally, you can skip this last step, and save the picture for future use.

The options offered include an email address for sending potos directly to the Twitpic service from, for example, a mobile phone.